Animal Welfare Workshop

Conference Centre Woudschoten, Woudenbergseweg 54, Zeist, Pays-Bas
Animal Welfare Workshop

The health of animals is as important as their well-being. Health and welfare cannot be seen as separate issues. A weakened health status will affect the animals' welfare and when welfare is compromised, the animals will be more susceptible to infections and disease. 

The veterinary profession – with knowledgeable and accountable professionals - has an important responsibility in promoting and assuring the health and welfare of animals. This will not only benefit the animals but also their owners as happy healthy animals are profitable animals. 

In addition, veterinary surgeons play an important role in providing expertise and knowledge to the general public and animal keepers as well as to policy makers. 

The workshop will consist of both a theoretical and a practical on-site session, where participants can put their theoretical knowledge into practice. 

This workshop is part of a series of workshop. Previous workshops took place in Budapest (Hungary), Barcelona (Spain), Riga (Latvia), Sinaia (Romania) and Lazise (Italy). 

It is mainly targeted at veterinary practitioners and official veterinarians from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Nordic countries. Some places will be reserved for veterinary students and producers. A specific working group will be formed for veterinarians involved with wild animals in captivity. 

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