The 6th International Conference on Colonic Spirochaetes in Animals

University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH, Royaume Uni
The 6th International Conference on Colonic Spirochaetes in Animals

Scientific programme

The programme will be divided into six sessions over two days.

Each session will be introduced by a 30 minute Keynote speech delivered by a guest speaker. There will also be accompanying oral presentations of10 minutes selected from submitted abstracts after which, participants will be afforded the opportunity to present posters related to the individual session themes - 5 minutes will be allowed for each poster talk.

Each session will be completed with a round table discussion, chaired by the Keynote speaker.

Session 1: 

Contemporary molecular biological approaches to understand Brachyspira species, spirochaetal research and the role of colonic spirochaetosis in humans

Keynote speaker• Comparative Genomics and Phenomics of Brachyspira infections: new insights to their biology Speaker: *Dr Luke Mappley (University of Reading)

Session 2: 

Intestinal Spirochaetosis in poultry

Keynote speaker• Intestinal spirochaetosis and pathogenesis in birds.Speaker: *Dr Desiree Jansson (University of Uppsala)

Session 3:

Colonic Spirochaetosis in animals – diagnosis and classification of colonic spirochaetes
Keynote speaker

• Diagnosis and genetic identification of spirochaetes.
Speaker: * Professor David Hampson (Murdoch University, Australia)

Session 4:

Sensitivity & Resistance of Brachyspira spp. and consequences for global swine / poultry production

Keynote speaker
• Sensitivity & resistance profile of Brachyspira species.
Speaker: *Professor Jill Thomson (Scottish Agricultural College, Veterinary Services, Edinburgh)

Session 5:

Swine Dysentery – re-emergence in USA and Canada

Keynote speaker
• Current epidemiological situation
& virulence of various Brachyspira spp. with regard to swine dysentery in North America.

Speaker:  Dr Eric Burrough
(Iowa State University)