23rd Annual Swine Health & Production Conference

Western Illinois University University Union Macomb, IL, Etats Unis
23rd Annual Swine Health & Production Conference

This conference provides quick fire sessions with cutting edge information that you can implement the day after the conference. It is designed to provide speakers and focused breakout sessions on Breed-to-Wean, Wean-to-Harvest, Ventilation, and CEO/Management. A history of 500+ attendances per year allows for networking with peers and allied industries has made this meeting a must attend for producers. 

This year’s theme of “Sustainability” will offer over 30 speakers to present information about the social, environment, and economic issues that shape our businesses. Speakers like Mark Greenwood, Dave Delaney, Dr. Jim Lowe, Dr. Larry Coleman, Dr. Larry Firkins, Dr. Ron Plain, and Dr. Mike Brumm will present information about ventilation, disease, markets, and management of production, people, and processes. Dr. Joe Connor will also discuss PED. Speakers from Tyson Foods, Cargill, Agrosuper, and CIH will share their perspectives with attendees. Dr. Lance Fox will anchor the program with the keynote address.