Basics on Insect production & processing, economics and legislation.

Wageningen University and Research Centre, Pays-Bas

Insects are widely considered as a promising and sustainable ingredient for feed and food. For many entrepreneurs and businesses this is an opportunity to create new business. To start insect rearing is not a matter of trial and error anymore, but information is scarce and not everything is available and researched. For this reason this workshop is organized. Participants are given the basic information on the insect business. This workshop gives an overview of existing knowledge and experience. The workshop provides knowledge for starting commercial insect production or processing.
Workshop content

  • Basics on insect biology in relation to rearing
  • Insects and its market potential:
  • Insect production: Current status of production and technology.
  • Legislation, safety and quality.
  • Research performed in the Netherlands at HAS and WUR
  • Excursion to research facilities at WUR

The lecturers are from Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), HAS University of Applied Sciences and NGN.

Who should attend:
Any company which wants to start in the insect sector for feed and food on a commercial base or businesses related to insect rearing for feed and food can benefit from this lecture